Auffahrtsumritt in Beromünster (LU)


Beromünster › West: Paraclub Beromuenster

Beromünster › West: Paraclub Beromuenster

Ascension Day

Unparalleled in Switzerland is the religious custom celebrated at Beromünster. In the early morning of Ascension Day, a large group on horseback leaves the town for a ride around the fields. The group is made up of local clergy and other religious figures, along with some two hundred believers. They are followed by large crowds on foot.

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The local priest carries the Most Holy Sacrament, and is escorted by mounted soldiers. A brass band, church choir, and numerous crosses and flags are also present. As in the Corpus Christi processions, stops are made at specific places, where homilies and readings are given. The majority of these ceremonies take place in the openair, with one in the neighboring church in Rickenbach. The procession stays as close as possible to the boundary line, thus requiring several hours to cover the entire distance. In the early afternoon, the group enters the town to the ringing of bells. A benediction pronounced in front of the church brings the ride to a close.

The story behind this custom can be traced to the fifteenth century. Then it was only the local priest who, carrying the Most Holy Sacrament and accompanied by a few believers, rode around the fields. The change to intercession for the fields, with the local people participating, occurred after 1500. Over the years, the procession has become more decorative. Today, it is a large and colorful parade which is seen at its best when it enters the town in the afternoon.

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