Reichenbach falls – Sherlock Holmes

Here at the 120 meter-high waterfall, Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle found inspiration and a death place for his hero Sherlock Holmes in the battle against Professor Moriarty.

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An excursion to this spot is a must for Sherlock Holmes fans. Today a cableway with 24-seater wooden carriages, once used for the electricity works, brings visitors to the place of the scene – close to the viewing terrace above the powerful waters.

And hiking trails lead back to the Haslital valley, Aare Gorge or direction Rosenlaui to the historic hotel and Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge.


Altitude: 843m
Train to Meiringen, on foot (20 minutes) or by bus to Willigen, funicular rail to the Reichenbach Falls
View: Over the Reichenbach Falls and Haslital bei Meiringen
Attractions: The Sherlock Holmes story, statue and museum in Meiringen
Culinary aspects: Gasthaus Zwirgi (above the Reichenbach Falls): Häxe (witches) Fondue
Overnight stays: Meiringen or Gasthaus Zwirgi
Winter: not in operation
Special comments: Originally a railway for work purposes, and today nostalgic railway with 24-seater wooden carriages built according to the original.

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