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Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

The Wirtschaft zum Frieden, built in 1445, is located in the heart of the Old Town of Schaffhausen.

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The special atmosphere at the restaurant will transport you to a different era. The dining room with its wood paneling and the small bay on the Herrenacker invites you to linger and enjoy. Indulge yourself in the Wystübli with a good bottle of wine and the right company. Our guild hall is not only open to the guilds but is also available for other group events. In the summer this is an oasis of peace and enjoyment. The Friedengärtli with its pergola is an insider tip.


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