Real Rail Adventures

Real Rail Adventures is a new public television travel show hosted by Jeff Wilson and debuts in April 2014.

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The initial one-hour documentary follows Jeff from Zurich and Chur, in Switzerland's German-speaking north, to Lugano and Bellinzona in the Italian-speaking south of the country via the scenic Abula-Bernina Express rail line and the Palm Express Post Bus. Then, on the Wilhelm Tell Express, Jeff travels through the famous Gotthard Tunnel to Fluelen, where he boards the boat portion of the trip to Lucerne. From Lucerne, he tours Interlaken and the Junfrau, finally heading to French-speaking Gruyere on the Chocolate Train, Montreux's hip waterfront, and Zermatt and the Matterhorn. Along the way, he rides a dizzying array of cable cars, funiculars, cog-wheels, and he even gets a close-up look at an historic steam train.

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