Saas-Balen, the ���Pearl of Serenity���, is perfect for hiking, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet, while Mother Nature treats you to the most breathtaking views. Time seems to stand still up here - and yet there are plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries by being active.

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The road through this rustic village leads down into the valley where the better-known Saas destinations are located. Those driving into Saas-Balen will inevitably find their eyes drawn to the Fellbach waterfall, which makes for an impressive natural spectacle as it thunders down to the rocks below. It is no less a majestic sight in the winter, when it is frozen into an ice sculpture; visitors at that time of year might also find their gaze alighting on the village ski lift.

A closer look reveals more gems, such as the round church ���Assumption Day���, a protected monument from the late Baroque period. Consecrated almost 200 years ago in 1812, it has lost none of its magical appeal and lends the ���Pearl of Serenity��� an almost divine air.


Hikers on the idyllic trails leading to the sleepy hamlets of Matt and Heimischgartu will discover something new every step of the way. Take a break, soothe your soul and dip your feet in an icy cold mountain stream ��� what could be more invigorating? Watch the locals make cheese on the Hoferalp ��� at 2,260 metres, it is one of the highest alps in Europe ��� and take home delicious, flavourful memories of the Gspon high route to Saas-Grund.


  • Spectacular Fellbach waterfall
  • Baroque round church of Saas-Balen
  • Start cross-country skiing slopes in the Saas Valley
  • Heimischgartu

Top Events

  • Alpine Festival Hofer Alp in August: after the Yodel Fair visitors get to enjoy the festival activities and culinary specialties.

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