Marché® Restaurants

Fresh, healthy, fast: The Marché® Freshness Concept is a huge success around the world as the original in “front-cooking”. Around 97 restaurants in 12 countries treat their guests to classical Swiss dishes and regional specialties.

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Freshness, naturalness and transparency without compromise are the cornerstones of the very popular market restaurants.

Every visitor to Marché® can expect an experience for all of his senses: The guests can stroll among inviting market stands and can put together their meals themselves from a wide variety of fresh ingredients. Whether they would prefer hash browns, veal sausage or Bircher müesli, all of these dishes are prepared right before the attentive eyes of our guests – fresh, gently and naturally.

Marché® deliberately abstains from using any additives and focuses fully on high-quality, seasonal products from farms and suppliers from the region. The natural furnishings as well as the relaxed atmosphere and the wide range of services underscore the Swiss hertitage of our Marché® restaurants in Europe, Asia and North America.


Marché® Catering

How about having one of our Marché® chefs cook for you in your home, your company, on a ship, outdoors or in another special location? We would be happy to bring the Marché® World of Freshness right to where you are.

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