Limestone Cave - Subterranean River Orbe


Limestone Cave, Vallorbe

Limestone Cave, Vallorbe

The river Orbe created the Fairy Caves at the Vaudoise town of Vallorbe. The caves constitute a fascinating grotto complex. The round trip tour leads visitors along the subterranean course of the river to stalactites, stalagmites, dripstone structures, columns and to galleries.

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Ten million years ago Switzerland was still an ocean. The ocean deposited enormous quantities of lime at Vallorbe. Over a long period of time, the river Orbe gradually dug itself a subterranean bed in the limestone. An intriguing cave world was thereby formed, which could only be reached by divers before it was opened up to tourists in the 1970s.

Today artificially created passages, stairs and galleries lead down to the dripstone caves, which the local inhabitants also call Fairy Caves. For once upon a time fairies were said to have lived here and bewitched young men. For this reason an exhibition of 250 minerals, which can be viewed in four artificial caves, has been called "The Fairies' Treasure Trove".

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