Bathing fun at the Untersee


In Arosa, at an altitude of 1,800m, families will discover something usually only found at the seaside – a lovely little sandy beach where the whole family will want to stay. Bathing by the Untersee was originally reserved for men; until 1920, the ladies had to make do with the colder water of the Obersee (upper lake)...

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Today, the Untersee bathing beach has something for everyone: a paddling pool heated by solar power with toy characters to play with, two diving platforms, a sandy beach and sunbathing lawn, plus a beach volleyball court, a children's playground, table tennis, a boccia alley and a cosy restaurant.

Both lakes in Arosa were formed by subsidence and prehistoric rockslides. Until the end of the 19th century, the Untersee was a completely natural body of water and once also an abundant source of fish.

Tip: admission is free with the Arosa All-Inclusive Card. The traditional “Sportstafette” competition has been held by the Untersee since 1947 – expect lots of fun at the event.

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