Lake Sils

Sils / Engadin

Crasta: Corvatsch bergstation 3303 mt

Crasta: Corvatsch bergstation 3303 mt

Lake Sils is the largest lake in Graubünden and, together with lakes St. Moritz, Silvaplana and Champfèr, forms the Upper Engadine chain of lakes. During the summer months, Europe’s highest passenger boat service operates on lake Sils.

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Lake Sils (Romanic: Lej da Segl) lies on a high plateau at an altitude of 1800 m, immediately by the watershed of the Maloja pass, the crossing into the Bergell valley. An idyllic hiking and cycling route circumnavigates the lake. The Upper Engadine lakes tour is one of the classics of the Upper Engadine walks: starting from Maloja, the walk passes by lakes Sils, Silvaplana, Champfèr and St. Moritz and ends in the world-famous resort of St. Moritz. The route can also be travelled on bicycle, inline skates and by motorcycle.

During the summer months, Europe’s highest passenger boat service operates on lake Sils: the modern motor vessel "Segl-Maria" ploughs across the lake from Sils Maria to Maloja on the south-western lakeshore and back again in 40 minutes, four times a day. During this scenic cruise, it stops at the Chastè peninsula, Plaun da Lej and Isola.
In summer, the Upper Engadine is regarded as a veritable fisherman’s paradise. Mountain trout, greyling and char abound in the numerous lakes, as well as in lake Sils. The fishery is open from the start of May to mid September.

The renowned German philosopher Nietzsche spent considerable time at lake Sils. Today, his former dwelling house is a museum in which original documents and letters can be viewed. One of the most beloved winter walks in the Upper Engadine leads from Sils-Maria over the Chastè peninsula up to Maloja, and then back again to Sils-Maria.

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