Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

The peaceful holiday region of Elm / Sernftal is surrounded by the mountain scenery of the Glarus peaks. The Tschingelhörner and Martin’s Hole are natural monuments of national significance. Twice a year, the sun shines directly through the 16-metre hole in the rocks on to the church tower of Elm.

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Elm is the furthest village in the Sernftal. Clustered round the church are the beautiful old listed buildings at the heart of the village. These imposing timber houses have earned the village the Wakker Prize and other prizes awarded by the European Council.

In the village of Linthal the Suworow Museum commemorates the 1799 alpine campaign of the Russian general Suworow found himself compelled to retreat from the French army and thousands of his men perished in the snow in the Panixer Pass en route to the Grisons. You can follow in the footsteps of the Russian field marshal on the 15-km Suworow Trail along the Sernf (Schwanden-Elm).

The Glarus alpine landscape is of great geological interest and is a potential UNESCO natural world heritage site. The history of Elm and the Sernftal was dominated by slate quarrying right up to the 19th century as the slate museum in Elm will testify.


Keen walkers can enjoy nature along 370km of hiking trails and footpaths. On the slopes of the Freiberg mountains above Elm stretches the oldest animal conservation area in Switzerland where deer, chamois, ibex and marmots roam. Particularly recommended is the mountain trail from the Erbsalp to the Empächlialp. The highlight of a week’s hiking in the Sernftal is the trail through the Panaxier Pass, following in the tracks of Suworow.


  • Centre of Elm – the centre of this picture-book village with its impressive timber houses is listed under a preservation order and classified as a historical monument .
  • Martin’s Hole, a natural spectacle – twice a year on 12th/13th March and 1st/2nd October, if the weather is fine, the rays of the sun penetrate Martin’s Hole, a 22-19 metre hole in the rock of the Tschingelhorn, and fall directly on the church tower in Elm.
  • Slate quarry – there are guided tours of the ‘Engi Quarry’ a former slate mine.
  • Sarganserland-Walensee-Glarus Geo Park – 50 sites, both above and underground, which are of geological interest or chart the history of mining, can be visited independently or with a guide.

Top Events

  • Elmer Fair – summer fair with children’s roundabouts, shooting stands, confectionery stand, snacks and refreshments etc. Fun and games for all ages (August).
  • Glarus alpine cheese market and alpine descent – the dairymen present their cheeses for tasting in Elm. Zigerstöckli cheese production, snacks and refreshments featuring alpine dishes and traditional entertainments. (October).

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