Bernese Oberland

Springenboden im Diemtigtal (Ski- und Wandergebiet)

Springenboden im Diemtigtal (Ski- und Wandergebiet)

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 2 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 2 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 1 auf Nüegg

Wiriehorn im Diemtigtal, Webcam 1 auf Nüegg

The Diemtigtal, winner of the 1986 Wakker Award, is an idyllic, 16-km long side valley of the Simmental Valley, which is noted for its natural beauty. There are many offers, which are compatible with sustainable tourism, all of them ideal for families and vacationers in search of rest and relaxation.

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On many of the Alpine farms in the Bernese Oberland you can observe cheese-making while enjoying a hearty brunch. Hiking the Grimmimutz Fun and Adventure Trail is a wonderful vacation experience for the whole family. On this hiking loop children get to know the exciting story of Grimmimutz and the evil Pepper-Witch at various play stations.


Diemtigtal's hiking area boasts more than 200 km of marked hiking trails along the rivers and lakes, and past picturesque old houses. It leads up to the lush pastures of the Alps and lets you enjoy the romantic region as the unique spectacle of the diverse stages of Alpine vegetation unfolds before your eyes.

In the Wiriehorn region, bicyclists and mountain bikers find everything to their heart's content. The chair lift takes them in comfort to the starting point of several biking options for their downhill ride. The permanent downhill stretch however, on which championship races take place, is best suited for the experienced biker.


  • Runs for beginners and advanced skiers.
  • Natural ice rink
  • Winter hiking with riddles at markers
  • Toboggan runs (Ascend with chair lift)
  • Children's playground Schlaraffia
  • Cross-country paradise
  • Snow bars


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