Prättigau Alpine Festival with colorful Cattle Descent

Prättigau (Seewis & Küblis)



The alpine festival is a successful mixture of authentic Swiss alpine culture, modern mountain farming, and living tradition; a large alpine procession, Alp-Cheese tasting, alpine specialty fair, cattle event, crowning of the Queen of the Cows and much more.

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The Prättigau Alpine Festival is genuinely authentic and rustic. If one thinks of the Alps, one is reminded of Heidi and Peter, the goatherd. If one closes one’s eyes, one can smell summer meadows, hear flies buzzing and taste fine alpine cheese… The mythical Alps are casting their spell on more and more people. The Prättigau is one of Graubünden’s largest alpine regions; every third Graubünden cheese is made in the Prättigau region.

More than 150,000 kilograms of alpine cheese and 15,000 kilograms of butter are made every summer on 26 high alpine pastures. In addition, there are over 50 alps for mother cows, young and Galt-cattle (female cattle not yet giving milk), sheep, goats and horses. Alpine farming with its centuries old tradition is still very important for the Prättigau.

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