Eggiwil Emmental House Trail

Eggiwil / Emmental

Eggiwil - Emmental - Schweiz

Eggiwil - Emmental - Schweiz

The idyllic, hilly landscape of the Emmental is a picture of lushness. This goodness finds expression both in the valley’s produce – such as the world-famous cheese – and its architecture, notably the big farmhouses with low-slung roofs, flower-adorned façades and colourful gardens.

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You find fine examples along the short Eggiwil House Trail, which leads along the banks of the River Emme and through the adjacent flower-filled meadows. The farms typically consist of a complex of buildings: main house, granary, barn and smaller “Stöckli” house, traditionally for grandparents. Back in Eggiwil, stop at one of the inns for a popular delicacy – the Bernese platter, a feast of local meats and sausages.

On the “Verkehrsverein Eggwil” website you can download a brochure about the “Eggiwil Emmental House Trail”.

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