100 km of Superb Cross-Country Skiing Pistes

Ste-Croix / Les Rasses / L'Auberson

Sainte-Croix - Cochet

Sainte-Croix - Cochet

The Vaud Jura platform offers 80 km of perfectly signposted pistes, which are considered to be some of the most beautiful examples in Switzerland!

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The Nordic Skiing Centre on the Vaud Jura platform is a real cross-country skier's paradise, with easy pistes enjoying favourable snow conditions and a spectacular view of the Alps. The pistes belonging to the Centre welcome MARA every year, a famous and popular course. The pistes start from Rasses and end at Creux-du-Van. It is also worth noting that there is a skating rink (60 km), 4 km of lit pistes for both skiing styles that are open every evening and a piste that allows dogs (without leads).


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