Augusta Raurica - The Roman City


The Romans bred woolly grazing pigs, occasionally called their horses "lecher" and sifted remnants of spices from their wine before drinking it. At least that's what they did in Augusta Raurica, the best-preserved Roman town north of the Alps.

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Augusta Raurica near Augst/Kaiseraugst is a 2000-year-old settlement on the southern bank of the Rhine, close to Basel. It is named after the Celtic Rauriker tribe and the Roman Emperor Augustus. In its heyday the city was home to as many as 20,000 inhabitants. Workshops, commercial enterprises, taverns, temples and public baths are closely strung close together.

Augusta Raurica is extraordinarily well preserved, since no new towns were established in the Middle Ages or in the modern era. Displaying countless finds such as the largest silver treasure dating from Late Antiquity, the Roman domestic animal park with ancient animal species, and architectural remnants of the city, the museum offers great insights into the daily lives of the people who lived here around the time of Christ's birth.

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