Top 10 reasons for LGBT Travelers to visit Switzerland

    1. Diversity

    Looking for some adventurous fun but at the same time longing for some relaxing moment? Are you a searching for modern art in busy cities or need a breath of fresh air in the serenity of alpine surroundings? Switzerland has it all, especially for the LGBT traveler! From shopping under palm trees to glacier skiing, from bathing in crystal clear lakes to partying with a sexy crowd, nowhere else in the world will you find such a diversity of places to see and things to do!

    2. GayComfort hotels

    We are honored that Swiss Hotels are GayComfort certified. This is a huge reward as it emphasizes that LGBT tourism is extremely important to us. We believe in the quality of services and products of our hotels and as such we strive to let our visitors experience the best stay with us. So no matter who you are, or what sex your partner is, you know you'll be welcomed to stay, sleep, eat, drink, and experience Switzerland every way you please.

    3. Fly with SWISS

    If you are coming by plane, book with Swiss International Air Lines and you will find out that your vacation begins even before you have arrived in Switzerland. Enjoy the comfort on board of the aircraft and begin your trip to Switzerland with a glass of champagne. Enjoy the amenities of the airline, which has again picked up the top honors as Best Network Airline (Short & Medium Haul) in the annual Travel Star Awards.

    4. Public Transport

    Trains running on time like Swiss clocks – where else but in Switzerland! And here is the best tip we have for getting around: The Swiss Pass is your special travel ticket that entitles you to unlimited travel on consecutive days throughout the rail, bus and boat of the Swiss Travel System network. This pass also covers scenic routes and local trams and buses in 37 towns and cities. The Swiss Pass will also include the Swiss Museum Pass, allowing you free entrance to over 400 museums and exhibitions. Ain’t that a great deal?

    5. Gourmet’s Paradise

    Switzerland – a secret spot for gourmets? Not so secret anymore! Everywhere in the world people crave for Swiss cheese fondue or the savory Raclette but they tend to forget that Switzerland’s cuisine has so much more to offer. Each region in Switzerland is proud to have its own special dish and each is carefully prepared and made into little mouthwatering feast! Try crunchy “Röschti” or ”Chnöpfli” from Central Switzerland, tasty “Saucissons” from French part of Switzerland and creamy “Polenta” from Italian speaking part. Oh, and did we mention our chocolate?

    6. Shop ‘til you drop

    Shopping is so much fun, especially in Zurich, the beautiful Swiss Metropolis encompassed the lovely lake of the same name. Zurich boasts an unbelievable amount of small and big shops where you find everything to your heart’s desire: chic clothes, antique furniture, great shoes, delicious pastry… the list is endless. And when shops close in the evening, Zurich bouncy boys and giggly girls meet in the trendy bars, order the latest cool drink and exchange “Oohs” and “Aahs” while admiring their “spoils of war” from their latest Zurich shopping spree.

    7. Present & Past

    Want a bit of everything in one single spot? Focus on Lucerne, lovely heart of Switzerland that has it all: ancient wooden bridges who will tell the story of past times, stone towers that watch over the people, a beautiful deep lake where swans glide by and one of the most popular museums in Switzerland: the Swiss Museum of Transport. Add the fancy shops and boutiques and the unbelievable vista of the majestic mountain and then you know why Lucerne is the perfect mix of exciting history lesson and vibrant lifestyle experience.

    8. The art of skiing (and winter-relaxing)

    Swiss winter? Think adrenalin rush as you race downhill, think pristine slopes that wait for you to ski down… You are not into skiing? No reason to skip Switzerland! The cozy village of Arosa in Eastern Switzerland offers so much more: sitting in a beautiful mountain chalet enjoying the authentic food and lazing away the day on the sun terrace, having a party in heavy boots at the cool Après Ski Bar… Don’ forget– each January Arosa transforms into a meeting point for international fun lovers when it’s time for “Gay Ski Week”. Take it away, boys!

    9. Art

    If you carry a love for all finer things in you, you have come to the right place. Just look at the buildings: you will find sights of romantic chalets as well as ultramodern landmarks. Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron are world known and “local” stars like Mario Botta have created fantastic buildings you just don’t want to miss. The city of Basel hosts “Art Basel” one of the most important art fairs for contemporary art and you will meet the great masters Picasso, Monet, Miró and Giacometti in more than one Swiss museum.

    10. Land of Water

    In Switzerland you are never too far away from body of water be it alpine ponds, palm fringed lakes or mighty rivers. The quality of the Swiss Water is remarkable: You can drink from any fountain in any Swiss city and taste it’s refreshing naturalness. In Bern you can even swim in the river Aare and float on the currents – right in the middle of the city. Taking the plunge, lakeside picnics, water skiing or kite surfing - discover the most beautiful spots near or even on Swiss Waters!


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