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Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

At the start of summer 2011, Schaffhausen implemented a nationwide first and now the Munot Town has a new boat stop by the Rhine.

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The boat stop has an information board and a waiting bench, and visitors who would like to go on a spontaneous round trip on the Rhine can simply flag down the boat. A boat stop has been set up at Lindli in Schaffhausen, located at Kanzel by the Rhine close to the building at Rheinhaldenstrasse 50. It is here that anyone wanting a ride can meet the boatmen and arrange a ride. Hitchhikers can flag down a boat at no expense and travel at their own risk as long as they can swim or have a swimming aid with them. The captain’s instructions should be strictly adhered to. The traditional Weidling, a wooden boat, is the favourite means of transportation on this part of the Rhine. These approx. 10-metre long flat boats with a lightweight tonnage of 320 kg can seat from between 4 and 10 people.


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