Staged tour about water in Thun


Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Take a look at the role of water in the history of the city. What are the possibilities and the risks for Thun, given its lakeside and riverside location? How has water influenced the history of its people? This staged tour is sure to entertain.

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The Old Town of Thun is surrounded by the two arms of the Aare at the western end of Lake Thun. There is water everywhere in this city. At various points on this guided walk along the River Aare you will learn how the city has used its water in both past and present. Topics such as energy production, transportation, cleaning, tourism, recreation and floods are key topics on this varied tour. If desired, a performer can accompany you on the tour and lighten up the mood with various theatrical interventions.


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