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  • Hamam Hamam

    Sweating to make yourself beautiful based on an ancient oriental custom.

  • Roman Irish Bath Roman Irish Bath

    Steam-bath ritual of 2 hours through different rooms (temperature 40-70 degrees) helping to cleanse the skin and sweat-out waste products.

  • Sulphur bat Sulphur bat

    Medicinal bath enriched with sulfur - positive healing with anti-bacterial effect on the skin and body.

  • Brine bath Brine bath

    Bathing in natural salt water improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and also relieves skin complaints.

  • Private Spa Suite Private Spa Suite

    Modern spa facilities of highest standards with quality fittings and design that offer a unique private wellness experience.

  • Biosauna Biosauna

    The light version of the classic Finnish sauna (temperature 55 degrees, air humidity 3-60%)

  • Steam bath Steam bath

    Relaxation in a tiled room with heated stone benches, shrouded in clouds of steam (temperature: 45 degrees, air humidity nearly 100%)

  • Thalassotherapy bath Thalassotherapy bath

    Thalassic therapy covers all forms of treatment with remedies such as sea-water, algae & silt. These properties are especially used in baths, wraps and in the field of cosmetics.

  • Laconium Laconium

    Dry sauna (55 degrees) - the purpose of which is to purify and detoxify the body.

  • Kneipp rituals Kneipp rituals

    Interchangeable footbaths of different temperature (hot, cold) - for the prevention of varicose veins and to stimulate metabolism.

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Massages & relaxation
  • Lomi Lomi Nui Lomi Lomi Nui

    Hawaiian relaxation method. A mix of connective tissue massage, energy work and gentle gymnastics.

  • Hay bath Hay bath

    One of the classics in beauty and health spa treatments. The body is covered with freshly cut, warm, dry or even moist hay.

  • Ayurveda Ayurveda

    Five-thousand-year-old Indian "science of longevity" strives to achieve harmony of body, mind and soul.

  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

    Aromas exhilarate the senses and exert a healing effect on body, mind and soul- and this is precisely why aromatherapy is used.

  • Colour therapy Colour therapy

    Based on the realisation that colours represent electromagnetic vibrations that influence body, mind and soul.

  • Hotstone massage Hotstone massage

    Healing technique of shamanic origin with round heated lava stones applied to the most important energy centres.

  • Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy

    All kinds of water treatments, regardless of whether external or internal, in the form of shower, a special type of bath or underwater massage.

  • Singing bowl massage Singing bowl massage

    Singing bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck without touching the body. The sound is perceived as a vibration in the body and has a relaxing effect on stress.

  • Cleopatra bath Cleopatra bath

    Beautifying bath treatment with milk and essential oils, which are applied to the skin.

  • Lymph drainage Lymph drainage

    Gentle circular and stroking massage that refreshes and vitalises the lymphatic system.

  • Reiki Reiki

    Japanese term for "universal life energy" with roots in Tibet - the laying of hands on the eyes, heart and the stomach.

  • Shiatsu Shiatsu

    Finger-pressure massage, which stimulates the energy flow in the body.

  • Thalassotherapy Thalassotherapy

    "Thalassa" is the Greek word for sea. Salt water baths, packs and the nourishing effect of algae are used to nurture the body.

  • Winetherapy Winetherapy

    This treatment covers numerous skin-enhancing, cleansing and blood-flow-stimulating applications using the grape and vine.

Cosmetic & anti-aging
Prevention & healing, Medical Wellness
  • Electrotherapy Electrotherapy

    Different electric impulses applied above the skin cause the muscles to exercise of their own accord.

  • Kinesiology Kinesiology

    Muscle tests find pratical use in this exercise and awarness therapy ("kinesis" is Greek for movement).

  • Oxygen therapy Oxygen therapy

    Increasing the supply of oxygen to the tissues improves circulation, enhances performance and boosts vitality - even benefiting migraines and tinnitus.

  • F.X. Mayr cure F.X. Mayr cure

    Intestinal cleansing cure lasting between one and three weeks, among other things accompanied by steam baths and stomach massages.

  • Whey cure Whey cure

    Meals are replaced by fresh whey, herbal teas, juices and mineral water, all of which have a cleansing effect.

  • Schroth cure Schroth cure

    The protein-free, fat-free and low-salt diet detoxifies the whole organism, as well as ensuring weight loss.

  • Fango Fango

    Odourless mud of volcanic origin is generally used for treatments when extracted fresh from the soil and enriched with thermal spring water. Fango baths, packs and wraps stimulate the metabolism.

  • Osteopathy Osteopathy

    Alternative medicine

  • Aqua balancing Aqua balancing

    Deep-relaxation method with massage in the water.

  • Sophrology Sophrology

    The holistic healing system is a synthesis between Western and oriental ideas, with elements taken from hypnosis, autogenic training, yoga and zen among others.

  • Power plate Power plate

    Exercise equipement for the whole body, which consists of a vibrating base.

  • Tai chi Tai chi

    Synthesis of gymnastics, martial-art techniques and meditation, carried out in slow-motion.

  • Feldenkrais Feldenkrais

    Exercise programme to correct unhealthy movement patterns by deliberately executing natural movement sequences.

  • The Five Tibetans The Five Tibetans

    Healthy gymnastics programme, which is even said to be the "source of eternal youth".

  • Pilates Pilates

    Body conditioning routine to help strengthen muscles, primarily abdominals, hips and back.