«Swiss Wonderland»
- The interactive magazine

A new tablet app invites you to discover Switzerland
in an enjoyable way.

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Whether you already know Switzerland or you would like to get to know it: you can discover the country in an enjoyable and entertaining way with the interactive tablet magazine “Swiss Wonderland”. Just like a printed travel magazine, it presents familiar and unfamiliar attractions of Switzerland with detailed reports and impressive photo galleries. But it also offers much more, including a wealth of animated and interactive features, such as 360-degree panoramic photos, videos, “before and after” pictures, animations and sound recordings.

In seven sections, we present the largest glacier in the Alps, a clock factory, the specialties of a confectioner’s store, a spectacular railroad in the mountains, the largest fleet of steamships in Switzerland, an extraordinary cheese specialty and the second largest jazz festival in the world. In an extensive services section, you will also find practical tourist information about Switzerland as a vacation destination and links to numerous offers, all presented by Switzerland Tourism.


The “Swiss Wonderland” app is available now free of charge in German, English and Chinese. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for iPads and at Google Play for 10” Galaxy tablets.

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