Gabriela Rub - Your personal and individual wedding ceremony

You are looking for a marriage-ceremony with a personal touch - without a theological background or the church but all the same in a festive setting? It is important to Gabriela Rub to accompany you on this way and to support you. You are looking for a ceremony in which you can exchange your wows as recognition of your love for each other in a way which is very personal, unforgettable and unique.

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A ceremony can cover the following elements:
  • The wedding party is attending the bride with her father or her fiancé.
  • The ceremony will be accompanied and supported by music (harp, guitar, gospel etc.).
  • A family member or a friend agrees to read a poem.
  • In the name of love you exchange your rings and say a few words.


Good to know:

  • The ceremony lasts for approx. 45 minutes.
  • You decide where the ceremony shall take place (on a lake, on a mountain, in a castle or on a forest clearing) and the time of the ceremony (noon, during dusk or in the night with candle light).
  • Gabriela Rub can accompany the ceremony in English or French eventually it is also possible in Italian and Spanish.

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