Montebello Festival


Bellinzona, Ticino (Svizzera)

Bellinzona, Ticino (Svizzera)

UNESCO-Castelgrande in Bellinzona 2

UNESCO-Castelgrande in Bellinzona 2

An international chamber music festival within the medieval walls of the Castello Montebello in Bellinzona (since 2000 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage). This is a music cycle with a unique atmosphere that offers the opportunity to meet the musicians personally.

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The Montebello Festival thereby distinguishes itself.
The festival will once again enrich the summer evenings in Bellinzona with cultural offerings and present talented young musicians next to internationally renowned artists. The program includes six concert evenings, some with “standing dinner”: an exclusive opportunity to combine music with dinner and wine tasting in an attractive environment. In addition to the concerts, the Montebello Festival also offers a master course, the "Montebello Masterclass", for young musicians.


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