Vintage Festival in Neuchâtel (NE)


Neuenburg: Chaumont - Neuenburgersee - Mont Vully - Creux-du-Van Val-de-Travers

Neuenburg: Chaumont - Neuenburgersee - Mont Vully - Creux-du-Van Val-de-Travers

End of September - beginning of October

Vineyards have been cultivated on the hills of Neuchâtel since the tenth century. It is therefore quite appropriate that the people of Neuchâtel honor their vineyards and wine with a traditional and colorful vintage festival. The festivities last from Friday to Sunday, day and night.

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Numerous stands fill the squares and lanes in the center of town, where thousands of spectators may refresh and enjoy themselves while admiring the parades and decorations. The children's parade takes place on Saturday afternoon, and in the evening there is a parade with local and guest bands. On Sunday afternoon, there is the large Vintage Festival parade. The many floats, covered with flowers, always have a common theme and beautifully illustrate the imagination and hard work that the local societies put into making them. Accompanied by fanfares and brightened by the humor of certain groups in costume, this parade continues in the tradition of earlier days when carts filled with harvesting tools and decorated with flowers passed through the towns after the grape harvest.

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