"Visper P��rum��rt"


Visp: Bahnhofplatz

Visp: Bahnhofplatz

Every Friday at 4 p.m. the market square in Visp is the venue of a festival.

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Locals and visitors from all around Visp meet here to purchase fresh produce and have an "Ap��ro" at the end of the working day. Colorfully designed wooden booths have been set up weekly for over a year. The farmers' wares displayed at the market are sure to whet every visitor's appetite.

Dried meat from the Valais, air-dried ham, bacon and dried sausages of all kinds, fresh Valaisian vegetables and seasonal fruits, flowers, syrups, smoked trout, Alpine herbs, eggs, mountain honey, Valaisian ryebread and a large spectrum of cheese. A local wine booth set up by 5 Visper vintners, who take turns in manning the booth, and 4 cheese farmers serving fresh, warm Raclette, are are experiences not to be missed.

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