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General Facts

Customs entry regulations

Duty and tax free imports per person:

Used personal effects
Used personal effects, such as clothing, underwear,toilet articles, sports gear, photo and film cameras, camcorders, portable computers, musical instruments, and other articles for general use.

Foodstuff and non-alcoholic beverages for the day of travelling.

Tobaccos and spirits
These limits apply only to persons older than 17 years
  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of pipe tobacco
  • 2 litres of alcohol (up to 15% vol.) and 1 litre of alcohol (over 15% vol.)
Meat and fish products
The following maximum quantities of meat per person (including children) may be imported once a day duty free:
a) 0.5 kg of fresh meat from cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs.
b) 3.5 kg of meat and meat products from poultry.
Fish, crustaceans and molluscs are duty free. If amounts in excess of the above quantities are brought in, they must be declared and cleared.

Importation and exportation of cash are not subjected to restrictions.

Other goods
For other private goods there is a total value limit of CHF 300.- per person

If in doubt, please inquire in advance at a Swiss customs office or at:

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