Glacier Impressions on the Susten

Bernese Oberland

Meiringen › Süd-Ost: Haslital

Meiringen › Süd-Ost: Haslital

This is how easy a glacier tour can be: get off the Swiss Post Bus at Hotel Steingletscher on the Susten Pass, shoulder your backpack, grab a hiking guide with map and off you go, comfortably hiking on well-groomed trails, without risks.

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The glacier trail Steinalp, which conveys you in the nick of time from the busy pass road into the High Alps. There are 15 stations with informative panels along the way. Within 2 hours you will come to know a lot of facts on the inner and outer life of the 5-km long river of ice. Moraines, Alpine flowers at the edge of the glacier, typical rock formations and characteristic landscape are pointed out and explained in lay terms. The trail gets close and almost enters the mouth of the glacier that looks like a black cave above the milky-white Lake Steinsee, before it ascends to the vantage point. From here the view sweeps over the limestone rocks of the Wendenstoecke across high moorland and mountain lakes, Alpine meadows and pine forest up to the icy glacier.
A detailed brochure on the glacier trail is available at the tourist offices Brienz-Axalp, Meiringen- Haslital, Hasliberg and at Hotel Steingletscher for CHF 5.--.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Meiringen or Luzern/Erstfeld/Wassen to Steingletscher on the Susten Pass.

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