Saut du Doubs

Les Brenets

Lac des Brenets, Jura

Lac des Brenets, Jura

Naturpark Doubs, Jura.

Naturpark Doubs, Jura.

Lac des Brenets

Lac des Brenets

The water of the river Doubs, which has been dammed up by landslide debris, forms the four kilometer long, but only 200 meter wide, winding Lac des Brenets. The 27 meter high Doubs Falls are located at its end. The Falls can be reached on foot or by passenger boat.

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The little river of Doubs was dammed up by a landslide 14,000 years ago. Since then the waters have partially eroded their way through the debris and boulders. The banks of Lac des Brenets are at first flat, but towards the end of the lake they turn into steep banks of white limestone rocks, up to 80 meters high.

Lac des Brenets is long and winding, like a serpent, and is, thanks to its natural beauty, a popular destination for excursions. It is often used for bathing in the summer or for boat rides. Cruise ships travel regularly between the town of Les Brenets and the Saut du Doubs Falls. The 27 meter high waterfall can also be reached by means of a one-hour hike from Les Brenets.

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