Gelmerbahn – steeply up to the Gelmersee lake

Bernese Oberland

© P. di Renzo

© P. di Renzo

© Rolf Neeser

© Rolf Neeser



Livebild Gelmersee

Livebild Gelmersee

Those in seek of a thrilling ride find one here! A monstrous climb of maximum 106 percent undisputably makes this funicular railway the steepest in Europe.

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Both the ascent and descent are an adventure on their own, but we still recommend you to take a round hike (with good hiking footwear) over the Grimsel granite rocks to the Gelmersee lake (2 hours). And it’s good to know that rigidly descending rock faces are secured with railings.

The sportive get underway on the descent back to Handegg via Chüenzentennlen and old Grimselweg trail with "Hählen platte." But be sure to stop and absorb the breathtaking view over the hanging bridge and Handeggfall region before moving on (Connection from Hotel Handeck to the Gelmerbahn mountain railway).


Altitude: 1859m
Train from Interlaken Ost or Lucerne to Meiringen, Postbus to Handegg (Postbus connection also from Oberwald above the Grimsel Pass), funicular raiway to the Gelmersee lake
View: Over the Grimsel Pass and Haslital valley to the granite mountains that lay opposite
Attractions: Open-top funicular rail carriages, trips round the lake, hanging bridge over the Handeggfall
Culinary aspects: By the Gelmersee lake: Back-pack picnics topped with pristine nature
Hotel Handeck restaurant
Overnight stays: Hotel and Handeck Nature Resort: 33 Double rooms, 3 single rooms, 3 four-bed rooms; 32-degree-warm outdoor pool
Groups: on request (Grimselwelt)
Winter: closed (railway and Hotel Handeck)
Special comments: Additional info, also on the hotel at:


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    I don't think you can buy tickets online - it's from 1920 :-) The place is pretty busy but well organized. It's worth a visit - the Gelmerbahn is probably not only the steepest cable car but also the SLOWEST ROLLER COASTER worldwide. This is how it feels. The scenery is just great and these rough granite rocks really impressive.

    Thursday, Aug 22, 2013 4:34 PM

  • 2

    hi, can i bay tickets to Gemler cable car in the internet?

    Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011 11:41 AM

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