Ernen: Dorfansicht mit Kirche

Ernen: Dorfansicht mit Kirche

Whether you visit in spring, summer, fall or winter, our region offers you a diverse “entertainment programme” during any season: numerous mountain and bike tours, hiking tours, as well as mule trekking tours are offered in our beautiful mountain region.

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Are you interested in culture and music? Then you are at the right place in Ernen that was awarded the Wakker Prize in 1979: various museums and historic village tours are offered. Or you may visit Mühlebach that has Switzerland’s oldest compact village centre constructed in wood. Of course, Ausserbinn and Steinhaus also offer many beautiful areas and small chapels.

Magic Forest: The magic forest (between Ernen and Ausserbinn) invites families with children between 3 and 10 years old to participate in creative games with natural materials at some 20 stations. Let pine cones roll down the cone lane between moss covered rocks and gnarled spruce trees, swing through the air on the swinging tree, test your courage in the canyons, write a letter to Gogwärgli Schorsch or discover a telephone pipe. Spend active and joyful hours of play tracing the squirrel Brüna, combined with a barbeque at one of the three barbeque places. By the way, Brüna’s adventures are also available as a children’s book with beautiful illustrations.


Lovers of classical music will know ERNEN MUSIKDORF (music village) with its writing seminar under the direction of Donna Leon, its baroque, piano and organ weeks and the Festival der Zukunft (festival of the future) presenting international musicians.
Enjoy together with us the symphony of the four seasons in our holiday region. Golden opportunities in spring, setting the tone in summer, colourful in fall and magical in winter.


  • Jost-Sigristen museum
  • City Hall of the district Goms
  • Church museum
  • Mühlebach. The village of Mühlebach has Switzerland’s oldest village centre constructed in wood.
  • Magic Forest
  • Received the Wakker Prize for particularly well-preserved and beautiful village architecture.
  • Oldest Tell frescoes in Switzerland
  • Music village Ernen. Every summer classical concerts with international musicians
  • Wakker Prize recipient for beautiful and especially well-preserved village architecture.
  • Oldest Tell frescoes in Switzerland.
  • Music Village Ernen: Every summer classical concerts with international musicians.

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