Safien Valley


Versam: Rheinschlucht - Flussabwärts

Versam: Rheinschlucht - Flussabwärts

Carrera: Rheinschlucht - Flussaufwärts

Carrera: Rheinschlucht - Flussaufwärts

In the heart of Graubünden you will find a magnificent natural landscape that is largely designed by the culture of the Walser people. While in winter a white snow-clad landscape delights visitors, in summer they can walk across flower-rich meadows and pastures.

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As one of the most original regions of Switzerland, the Safien Valley in the Surselva offers culture, nature and authenticity. Luxury is interpreted here with serenity and simplicity. The Safien Valley stands for deceleration in its purest form – no matter whether in winter or summer. All this in the midst of a magnificent mountain world.

But what makes this valley different from the 149 others in the canton is the legacy its inhabitants have left over the centuries. Homes, hay barns and alpine huts are not clustered together, but scattered like black dots around the hillsides between the high mountains. This form of settlement originated with the Walsers, who came here in the 14th century from the Valais, felled trees, built homes, cleared the land and cultivated it painstakingly.


High pass roads, mountain forests and peaks, Alpine meadows and Walser culture define the Safien Valley. The hiking and biking network is therefore most varied. A visit to the Rhine Gorge is well worth your while. It was created by the Flims rockslide between Reichenau and Ilanz and is to this day the epitome of bizarre rock formations.


  • Solar Ski Lift – the world’s first solar ski lift in Tenna produces 90,000 kWh per year.
  • Walser Trail – the long distance hiking trail (No. 735) leads in three stages through the Safien Valley.
  • Llama trekking – the peaceful animals take you in summer and winter through the mountain landscape.
  • Safier Local History Museum – the small museum gives deep insights into the life and work of the locals’ ancestors.
  • Ruinaulta (Rhine Gorge) – “Switzerland’s Grand Canyon” is one of Graubünden’s most magnificent and multifaceted landscapes.
  • Walser Culture – the authenticity, serenity and natural environment of yesteryear is still tangible today.

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