Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

Splügen is a typical pass village with well preserved architecture, impressive palazzi and sun-browned wooden Walser houses.

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Splügen was for many centuries a hub of pack mule traffic across the Alps. For over 2,000 years, the Splügen Pass was the main link between Graubünden and Italy, while the mule track over the San Bernardino also played a significant role.

The southward route from Thusis through the Viamala Gorge was considered particularly arduous. Cliffs up to 300 metres high form the valley cutting of this formidable gorge, in places just a few metres wide. Descending the 321 steps will give you a good idea of its scale. Built in 1739, the bridge almost 70 metres above the Hinterrhein is also an impressive sight.


Summer time is the time for walking. Over 100km of marked hiking trails lead through the valley to secluded mountain lakes and over historical crossing points to neighbouring villages. The viaSpluga Cultural and Long Distance Footpath leads from the village of Splügen over the Splügen Pass and on into the small Italian town of Chiavenna.


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