Werdenberg region

Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

The Werdenberg region is situated in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley on Switzerland’s eastern border. It encompasses the administrative communes of Sennwald (Frümsen, Haag, Salez, Sax and Sennwald), Gams, Grabs, Buchs, Sevelen and Wartau (Azmoos, Trübbach, Weite, Oberschan and Malans) and borders on the Principality of Liechtenstein, Heidiland, Toggenburg and the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

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Werdenberg has a rich cultural history, as is borne out by its numerous monuments. As a living counterpart to these, the various villages in the region organize a programme of cultural events, including exhibitions of contemporary art. And by the way, the region owes its name to the little town of Werdenberg, which was first mentioned in a document dated 1289. Originally a fortified town, Werdenberg was one of only a few to be granted market rights. It is also the only wooden medieval settlement in Switzerland to have retained its town-like character. Thanks to a stroke of extraordinarily good luck, this little jewel of a town was spared the ravages of war and fire that elsewhere caused so much death and destruction over the centuries and so has survived for generations intact.


The region is a typical summer destination and has plenty of interesting opportunities for sport and recreation. There are more than 600 km of well marked trails for inline skating, cycling, mountain-biking and hiking, for example, which both guests and locals alike are welcome to make use of.

Plus there are romantic lakes for bathing, idyllic play areas and barbecues, a recreation area with mini-golf, an adventure farm and much more besides.

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