Val Bedretto / Bedrettotal


Ossasco: Capanna Cristallina

Ossasco: Capanna Cristallina

The Val Bedretto (Bedrettotal) in the northern Ticino extends from Airolo at the foot of the Gotthard Pass up to the Nufenen Pass, where it crosses into Valais. In the long valley between the Gotthard and the Cristallina massifs there is always lots of snow. In summer, the Bedrettotal is a varied area for hiking and mountain biking.

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The Bedrettotal, the highest branch of the Leventina valley, is bounded to the north by the chain of the Gotthard massif with the Pizzo Rotondo and to the south by the Cristallina massif. For hundreds of years, there was only cattle farming in the unspoilt Bedrettotal, but because the villages are so high, the yields were poor, and the inhabitants of the valley were often obliged to seek work elsewhere. Today, however, they are returning, mostly thanks to holidaymakers and the Nufenen Pass into the valley, which was only opened in 1964.


In summer, the Bedrettotal is a varied hiking and mountain biking area. Two panoramic routes with impressive views of the Gotthard massif start near Airolo: the high-altitude path "Alto del Tremorgio" (along the valley of the Leventina) and the "Strada degli Alpi" (in the Bedrettotal). Both paths begin on the mountain of Pesciüm, which can be reached by cable-car from Airolo. The Strada degli Alpi is very highly rated by expert mountain bikers.

The high point of a stay in the Bedrettotal is the wonderful hike along the classic route over the Cristallina Pass into the Bavona valley, through a magnificent but barren high alpine landscape, dominated by the Gotthard massif in the north, the Cristallina and the broad ridge of the Basodino.


  • Cristallina Pass walk – classic high-altitude tour round the foot of the 2912 m high Cristallina into the Bavona valley. Accommodation at the Cristallina hut belonging to the Swiss Alpine Club or in Robiei.
  • Capanna Cristallina – the Cristallina hut at 2575 m with 120 beds was newly built in 2003. Breathtaking views of the Basodino glacier.
  • Border tour along the Nufenen Pass – challenging biking tour through wild barren landscape over the Gries Pass into the Formazza valley in Italy and back via the San Giacomo Pass.
  • From the Gotthard into the Bedrettotal – the high-altitude path from the Gotthard Pass into the Bedrettotal has stunning views of the twisty route of the old Gotthard Pass in the Tremolo gorge.
  • Ticino Route Express – spectacular ride on the yellow Swiss Post buses over the Nufenen and/or Gotthard Pass.

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