Aargau Region

Aargau Region

The four contrasting regions of Aargau, Bern Aargau, the Frick Valley, Baden and Freiamt are characterized by their unique diversity. Rural areas, urban centers and cultural highlights invite you on numerous excursions that inspire lovers of culture and nature and sports enthusiasts at the same time. Cultural beacons, rugged and romantic natural beauty, relaxing wellness worlds and exciting research stations all strung together like a row of pearls, that’s Aargau.

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Art & Culture

Famous Aargau castles bear witness to a fascinating past. Exciting exhibitions and performances recall the era of knights in shining armor and the life of the noble Habsburg family – all with roots in Aargau. And on the Vindonissa Legionnaire's Trail, where 6,000 legionaries once stood at the ready on the orders of the Emperor, in playful manner, you can slip into the role of a former Roman as well. With over 70 museums and exhibitions, including Europe's unique Strohmuseum im Park (straw museum) as well as 13 historic cities, Aargau is home to a large and amazing treasure trove of unique cultural heritage.

Landscape & Nature

Around 1,065 kilometers to hike and 1,000 to cycle lure guests to both demanding as well as more leisurely hikes – and cycling tours through lush meadows, shady forests and stunningly beautiful floodplains. As the moated heart of Switzerland, Aargau has a wealth of scenic gems; a remarkable wetland landscape where the Reuss and Limmat unite with the River Aare to henceforth carry water from a 40% catchment area of Switzerland. Active leisure and welcome relaxation are also within reach with a visit to a regional nature park of national importance, the Aargau Jura Park.

Water & Wellness

Purest relaxation at the Rheinfelden, Zurzach and Schinznach thermal baths does a world of good – and in hot sulphur springs, the kind you expect to find solely in Iceland, you sink into water of up to 45 degrees Celsius with Switzerland’s highest sulphur content. Rambling journeys of discovery are also enjoyed exploring the protected wetlands – and plenty of rare plants and native animals such as the busy beaver can be seen along the banks of the river. In fact, this, the area referred to as the moated heart of Switzerland is where the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers merge to form a giant pool that in some ways recalls the Amazon.

Research & High-tech

The award bearing «Umwelt Arena» – a world premier as interactive arena for environmental topics and conscious living, provides some surprising answers to everyday questions. And equally as interesting are visits to Switzerland’s largest institute of nature and engineering science, the Paul Scherrer Institute, or the Axporama visitor’s center - with an interactive display of our lives in terms of energy. And last but not least, the Meyersche Stollen research facility, a unique building of engineering and industrial history, fascinates through its 19th century underground water collection system with a system of tunnels, chambers and manholes beneath the canton’s capital city.

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