Mobility: Why not share a car?

A car is financially worth owning solely if you use it often. This presents a problem to those environmentally inclined and people who don’t get out much, leaving the car in the garage or driveway most of the time. Precisely the reason why constantly more people in Switzerland share a car and, in doing so, also maintenance and purchase costs.

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In past years, Switzerland’s Mobility Carsharing organization has proved an excellent role model in car-sharing worldwide: 120,300 members- amongst them many businesses – share 2,700 automobiles at more than 1,400 locations. All runs on a computer-based reservations system and naturally the length of time you have the car, and kilometers you drive, are calculated individually. It’s as simple as holding the membership card to the front windscreen of the reserved car in order to open the doors and off you go!

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