Solar Catamaran on Lake Biel

Biel: Lake Biel

Biel: Lake Biel

The world’s largest solar-powered passenger MobiCat catamaran, belonging to the BSG Bielersee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft company, looks back on over 20,000 kilometers travelled with solar power during the past 11 years.

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The MobiCat glides almost silently over Lake Biel – and in environmentally clean manner too, as the electricity produced to feed the motor stems from an 180m2 solar cell on the deck roof. Electricity produced is stored in two enormous batteries, as the 33 meter-long MobiCat is naturally on the move even when the sun isn’t shining and the sky cloudy. As said, it’s the largest solar-powered passenger boat in the world, with room for 150 passengers. The solar-liner has even made its way into the Guiness Book of Records as, carrying 110 passengers, the MobiCat succeeded in covering 10 kilometers in less than an hour, with energy consumption of mere 24.2 kw/hr.

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