Forest legislation: Tree-land is on the increase

Since 125 years legislation has ensured that 30 percent of Switzerland’s surface is made up of forests and woodlands –tendency increasing. Amongst other things, trees protect from avalanches and help sink CO2 levels.

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A third of Switzerland is made up of woodlands and annually an area the size of Lake Thun additionally added. Particularly in the Alps and south side of the Alps woodlands are again gaining territory. Legislation in Switzerland ensures areas of woodland remain unchanged - especially in heavily populated and growing regions. Forest clearances are only permissible with special permission, and felled trees must generally be replaced.

In winter trees protect mountain valleys from avalanches. And of course pinewoods serve as a natural habitat for a number of animals. Woods provide a healthy environment and tranquil setting to relax in – as well as storing CO2 greenhouse gas in the form of biomass, thus relieving the atmosphere of detrimental greenhouse gas.

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