Monte Rosa Hut


"150 Jahre SAC – Hütten im Alpenglühn" by Gerry Hofstetter

This innovative building is reminiscent of a mountain crystal, thanks to its special shape and silvery aluminum shell. But not only is the form innovative – completely novel paths were taken in technical building services and energy management, too.

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Thanks to a photovoltaic system that has been built into the southern façade and thanks to thermal solar collectors, the hut is self-sufficient for over 90 percent of its energy needs. Meltwater is collected and stored in a rock cavern. Furthermore, a micro filtering system bacteriologically cleans the wastewater and the gray-water is re-used for flushing the toilets. The interplay of the individual components as well as an elaborate and cleverly devised energy system are necessary so that the hut can achieve such a high level of energy independence. Software developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) controls the technology of the building.


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