Hotel Alte Herberge Weiss Kreuz


Recommended by Switzerland Tourism
Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Historischer Dorfkern - Centro Storico

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

Splügen: Tanatzhöhe Skigebiet

The Hotel Alte Herberge Weiss Kreuz was opened in 2000 as a culture and adventure hotel. It is located in the centre of the village on the Cultural Trail "Via Spluga", and has 16 rooms, with a total of 34 beds, in a legendary historic setting. The wines in the restaurant with its regional cuisine are mainly from the Bündner Herrschaft and Italy.

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For lovers of Historic Hotels

1000-year old culture and modern architecture exist side by side in the historic Säumerherberge, on the Cultural Trail the "Via Spluga". Awarded in 2002 for its gentle, historically authentic renovations. The visitor is quite authentically invited into different eras of history by the rooms, the lobby, the panoramic restaurant in the "hayloft", Gwölb Bar and the daytime restaurant. A feast for the connoisseur's eyes.

Certified by ICOMOS

Special distinction 2002

Distinguished "for the extremely careful restoration and historic preservation of an old mule-track inn, with only strictly necessary additions of contemporary architectural elements".

The Alte Herberge Weiss Kreuz was probably constructed as a tower in the early 14th century. The building sits on a rocky crag and still dominates the valley. It was destroyed during a fire in 1716 and rebuilt soon thereafter. With the expansion of the pass roads from 1818 to 1823, the situation changed for the inn: the village square suddenly became a more convenient location for the coaches and the Weisse Kreuz lost its importance, sinking into slow decline. When renovations started in 2000, all of its components were still largely intact and the most visible intervention was only the glazing of the barn infill. The interior shows very disciplined handling of the existing structure. All access areas and the entire woodwork were kept in their original form, and the rooms were furnished individually in accordance with the findings of research that was carried out beforehand.

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