Dreaming like a Roman in the Roman camp Contubernia


Adventure-seekers can look forward to a night in the faithfully recreated Roman camp of Contubernia!

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Upon arrival you can visit the kitchen, where a legionnaire helps in preparing Roman meals. The delicious dinner by the side of a fire under the stars is a special treat. Later a legionnaire introduces you to the battle techniques and games of antiquity.

As a highlight of this extraordinary night, you are invited to sleep in the camp quarters on straw-filled linen mattresses. As soon as the fire is extinguished and the camp in Vindonissa becomes silent, you cannot help but have dreams in this unique environment that are filled with Romans.

The new day begins with a hearty Roman breakfast, including self-baked bread and a variety of fruit.


Overnight stay with Roman dinner and breakfast and an information program with a legionnaire or a female Roman guide.

Roman-filled dreams can be enjoyed, no matter whether you come with the family, with a group of adults, or with a school class.

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