Central Alps Passes: Gotthard–Nufenen–Furka Pass Route


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Commencing in Andermatt, the Gotthard–Nufenen–Furka Pass Route leads over countless hairpin bends and beautiful Alpine pass roads back to the starting point of your excursion. You reach the famous Gotthard, fondly known as the king of passes, over spectacular mountain pass roads, which at times offer views of old and historic pass route. (PostBus stop Gotthard Passhöhe). And as far back as the Roman era this path represented one of the most significant North-South connections. The Devil’s Bridge (Teufelsbrücke in German) leads over the wild and rugged Schöllenen-Gorge and is yet another highlight on the trip – and on reaching the Nufenen Pass you have more than enough time to enjoy the marvellous views that surround you. (PostBus stop Nufenen Passhöhe). The 1-hour stop by the Hotel Belvédère (PostBus stop Belvedere Furka) is sufficient to enjoy a bite to eat, and of course take a look at the ice-grotto carved out of the Rhone Glacier; sights such as this are few and far between!

And the Nufenen Pass mountain world is another spot where you won’t regret stopping to take in the scenery and a few pictures to take home with you – especially as at an altitude of 2478 meters, it’s Switzerland’s highest travelled Alpine crossing. (PostBus stop Nufenen Passhöhe). The Furka Pass opens up stunning views over the Gotthard massif and the Urserental valley, and from here, the passing the Rhone Glacier, you proceed on your way to charming canton Valais.

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