Mendrisio–Monte San Giorgio Route


The Mendrisio–Monte San Giorgio Route leads through the beautiful hilly landscapes of Mendrisiotto before arriving at picturesque and cosy villages of the Monte San Giorgio.

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Mendrisio, known to most only as a place of transit, is located in the southern-most tip of Switzerland. Get a better view of the spot with its winding little alleyways and lovely old buildings. And the Galleria Baumgartner is sure to delight model railway fans.

Numerous traditional events, such as Easter procession and Palio donkey racing in May, add to the attraction if you’re there at the right time. Another highlight is the vintner festival in September which, in the meanwhile has developed into a grand folk’s event. The journey continues, passing gentle rolling hills and vineyards, to the picturesque Rancate, Besazio, Arzo, Tremona and Meride villages; where, with a short break, you have the time to admire some of the historic architecture and soak-up a little of the typical Ticino charm.

Meride, with its fossil museum, is yet another name on the list of things and places to see, and a museum that draws people of all ages. (PostBus stop Meride, Posta). Here, visitors witness fossils and imprints up to 230 million years old; excavated from the Monte San Giorgio mountain. The mountain itself offers stupendous views over the Lake Lugano and mountain chain in the backdrop. (PostBus stop Serpiano, Albergo: and one and a half-hour walk to the top).

And you won’t be surprised to know that the magnificent Monte San Giorgio mountain, from where a number of well preserved fossils have been found, is also a name on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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