Dinosaur Traces Courtedoux




150 million-year-old dinosaur tracks have been discovered in the Courtedoux region. This experience and journey of discovery is one of the most significant throughout Switzerland and Europe as a whole.

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Stone slates, distributed on many palaeontological sites, show over 14'000 tracks and traces of theropods, two-legged carnivores, sauropods and four-legged herbivores that once lived along the shores of the Jurassic sea. Some traces even indicate that part of these species were up to 30 meters long. And in addition to the footprints of dinosaurs, and turtle and crocodile fossils, a variety of molluscs supply essential knowledge about the climate and enviromental conditions pertaining to the epoch.The dinosaur learning path, Paléojura project and museum of natural science in Porrentruy tender a more profound view on this topic.

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