Crossbow Workshop


Sepp Steiner, better known to many in the region as Wilhelm Tell, knowledgeably introduces you to his crossbow workshop and proudly presents the art of constructing crossbows with the very same tools used to make the historic crossbows of days long gone.

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The little town of Gersau on the shores of Lake Lucerne gained a new attraction in 2009: Sepp Steiner. With his bushy beard, simple herdsman’s shirt and wooden shoes, he looks as though he has stepped straight out of the history books. These features give him a striking resemblance to his great hero, the legendary freedom fighter William Tell – so much so that local people refer to Steiner as the “William Tell of Gersau”. In his workshop, he makes crossbows in the same way that they were manufactured in the Middle Ages, using traditional tools. By appointment, you can visit the workshop and watch him produce these highly accurate weapons – and learn all about this fascinating ancient craft.


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