Chiasso, Pedrinate and Seseglio are at the southern tip of Switzerland. The customs town borders the Italian region of Lombardy and is an important starting point for discovering the variety of experiences in Mendrisiotto. The park of the Breggia Gorges, the Muggio Valley and Monte Generoso are close by.

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Chiasso is a city of encounters and an important center for trade and communications. A plethora of events take place along the Corso San Gottardo, which attract numerous visitors every year. Among the events are the Jazz Festival and the Carnival Nebiopoli – a masked parade with festivities. A theater, museums and art galleries round out the cultural offerings. A theme trail on the Penz Hill near Chiasso refers to the theory and practice of viticulture.


On the cemented path in the park of the Breggia Gorges visitors can explore an industrial area that harbors many treasures of natural science, history and culture. On the Penz Hill, several theme trails let you explore vineyards, art and mycology. Numerous playgrounds and picnic areas as well as bicycle routes and other leisuretime activities round out the offerings.


  • Penz – the hill that is regarded as Switzerland’s southernmost point, offers a variety of excursion opportunities.
  • Park of the Breggia Gorges – on the 12-kilometer network of hiking trails, visitors immerse themselves in the fascinating history of our earth. The Nature Park brings to light an extraordinary series of strata that cover a time period of 200 million years.
  • Cinema Teatro – the building from 1935 is a symbol of Classicism and Rationalism of the 20th century. The program includes music, dance and theater.
  • M.a.x. Museum – the museum, which presents the graphic art of Max Huber, also offers temporary exhibits and educational programs.

Top Events

  • Jazz Festival – this event is considered to be a classic for all Jazz lovers (February).
  • Nebiopoli Carnival – during Six days it’s all about fun, music, masks and confetti (February).
  • Festate – debates, films and concerts let you get to know the respective host country beyond the usual stereotypes (June).

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