Martigny-Ville: Place Centrale de Martigny

Martigny-Ville: Place Centrale de Martigny

Martigny-Ville: Martigny

Martigny-Ville: Martigny

Martigny-Bourg: Martigny

Martigny-Bourg: Martigny

The small town of Martigny located on the Rhone elbow in the Lower Valais is the hub of the pass routes across the Simplon, Great St. Bernard and Forclaz. Its cultural-historical heritage, Mediterranean flair and tasty gastronomy are its winning features.

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Martigny, surrounded by vineyards and orchards, is famous for its gastronomy which is celebrated at many outstanding restaurants and guesthouses. Blessed with the warm Valais sunshine, the region is ideal for growing strawberries, apricots, grapes, asparaguses etc. And in the past famous figures, such as Rousseau, Goethe, Stendhal and Liszt, already succumbed to the delights of the region's culinary delights.

Martigny's history stretches back two thousand years: Celtic tribes, the Romans and Napoleon's troupes have left behind traces. A restored amphitheatre, Roman thermal baths, temples and living quarters can be admired in Martigny today. Later Martigny became the first bishop's seat in Switzerland and nowadays is admired for the historical districts of La Bâtiaz and Vieux-Bourg featuring several churches and secular buildings worth seeing.

The Pierre Gianadda Foundation (Fondation Pierre Gianadda) is the most important cultural attraction in Martigny and in addition to the Gallo-Roman Museum houses a car museum and every year two top exhibitions focussing on world-famous artists. The building was constructed around the remains of a former Roman temple.

The French holiday resort of Chamonix is accessible from Martigny in one-and-a-half hours travelling on the boldly constructed narrow-gauge tracks of the "Mont Blanc Express". The "Sankt Bernhard Express" takes passengers from Martigny to Orsières and from there by bus through impressive mountain countryside to the hospice on the Great St. Bernard. Thanks to Martigny's ideal transport connections the winter sports regions of "4 Vallées", "Portes-du-Soleil" and Ovronnaz are only a short journey away.


  • Pierre Gianadda Foundation - Gallo-Roman Museum, Car Museum and temporary exhibitions featuring world-famous artists.
  • St. Bernard Dog Museum - breed and history of the dog but also of the Great St. Bernard Hospice.
  • Trient Gorge - deep gorge cut into the rock with a 187-metre-high bridge made of prestressed concrete. And Durnand Gorge - this spectacular gorge south of Martigny is accessible by a one-kilometre-long path with a tunnel, steps, bridges and galleries.
  • Evionnaz Labyrinth - biggest labyrinth in the world with over 18'000 Thuya plants and featuring other attractions.
  • Le Châtelard & Emosson Reservoir - the steepest two-cabin funicular and a narrow-gauge railway provide transport to Le Châtelard and the Emosson Reservoir (23km away from Martigny).

Top Events

Cow wrestling - the spectacular fights between the "Queens" of the Heren cattle breed (final round) take place in the Roman amphitheatre (beginning of October)

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