The hermitage – a mythical place. Those visiting the Arlesheim hermitage find themselves on the very same tracks as the hermits who visited the hermitage year-in and year-out as a place of refuge for deep meditation. And anyone following the hermits path cannot help but fall into pensive thought as they stroll in the footsteps of the ancient brothers who lived in blissful solitude.

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The Hermitage captures visitors today, as it once did our ancient brothers, to a gentle world of the blurred boundaries between blissful peace and adventure. In the romantic English-style landscape garden, we are not present as lords over nature such as those in ruling French gardens, instead simply part of them. And as pious hermit, as those who once dwelt in this same garden, surrounded by nature and buried deep in thought, the perceived changes that no doubt differ in each and every one of us are, however, something that may well surprise if not run away with us all.

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