Lucerne - Lake Lucerne Region

Rigi – Queen of the Mountains

Rigi – Queen of the Mountains

Arth-Goldau, the Schwyz twin locality located between Lakes Zug and Lauerz, is the starting point for the trip up the Rigi, as well as a Lake Zug boat cruise. The alluvial fan of the huge avalanche is now home to the renowned Goldau Zoo. Last but not least, Arth-Goldau is an important railway node along the Gotthard line.

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In the railway station, the line from the Gotthard forks into two branches, one heading for Zurich and the other for Lucerne/Basel. Arth-Goldau also lies along the route of the “Voralpenexpress” from Lucerne to Romanshorn. Above all however, the railway node is the valley station for the cog railway leading up the “queen of the mountains”, up the Rigi, on whose north-eastern foot Arth-Goldau lies.

The Rosberg, on the opposing valley side, is where, well over 200 years ago, one of Switzerland’s greatest natural disasters started: On 2 September 1806, a massive 40 million cubic metres of rock mass loosened itself after heavy rainfalls and thundered down into the valley. The landslide destroyed Goldau and its surroundings, 457 people lost their lives in the process. The “Landslide Trail” is a themed walking trail about the Goldau landslide. There is also a landslide museum in Goldau. The alluvial fan, representing a wild primordial landscape with huge rocks, at the very centre of Goldau village is now home to Goldau Zoo which has 100 native and European animal species. It is an especially popular excursion destination with families.

Arth on Lake Zug is the starting point for a leisurely trip onboard a scheduled Lake Zug passenger boat. What’s more, the lakeside village has a small, but excellent family swimming area with a garden restaurant, children’s splash pools and playgrounds. Another attractive swimming area can be found in Lauerz on the same lake, but east of Arth-Goldau. Arth-Goldau is situated in the heart of a cherry tree region. In spring, blossom time is a particularly aesthetic natural spectacle; a visit to a Kirsch distillery is an experience at any time of year.

As far as diversity is concerned, the excursion and hiking mountain of Rigi can hardly be surpassed: from Rigi-Kulm, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic vista across the Alps, over 13 lakes and across the Swiss Mittelland as far as Germany and France. The mountain offers over 100 km of walking and rambling paths, including an educational forest trail near Arth. The two cog railways from Goldau and Vitznau, plus aerial cableways, provide for different walking and round trip combinations. In winter, the white Rigi ski, tobogganing and winter walking region attracts visitors to enjoy sports and fun in the snow.


  • Rigi – the “queen of the mountains” in the heart of central Switzerland, surrounded by Lakes Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz. Sunrises on Rigi-Kulm are legendary.
  • Rigi Panorama Trail – this level path (a former tram route) with stunning views and numerous picnic areas leads from Rigi-Kaltbad to Rigi-Scheidegg.
  • Kirschstrasse – the area around Kirschstrasse offers everything from cherry tree blossoms to double-distilled Kirsch.
  • Lake Zug – a boat trip onboard one of the regular services operating on Lake Zug constitutes the ideal combination of relaxation and sightseeing.

Top Events

  • International Rigi Mountain Run – from Arth to Rigi-Kulm, provides an insight into the magnificent Alpine world and contributes towards bodily strength and stamina (August).

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