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Guggisberg: Guggisbergerland Richtung Plaffeien - Freiburg - Jura

Guggisberg: Guggisbergerland Richtung Plaffeien - Freiburg - Jura

Who doesn’t know the sad folk song of «Vreneli ab em Guggisbärg» and her ill-fated love? But anyone choosing Guggisberg in the Bernese pre-Alps region of Gantrisch as a holiday or excursion destination will have absolutely no reason to sound sad!

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The tiny Local History Museum in the village centre of Guggisberg is dedicated to the story of Vreneli. But Guggisberg offers much more. From bathing and barbecue fun on the banks of the River Sense (here the border to Fribourg) to equally as much pleasure on the panoramic terraces of traditional taverns, and well-signposted biking, cross-country skiing, walking and hiking tours. Offers are rounded off by a privately-run Farming Museum as well as horse trekking and horse-drawn carriage rides. Guggisberg (1115m) is particularly appealing when the sun shines on the sea of fog below.

Another folk song is almost as well known as the Vreneli song: «S'isch e länge Wäg ufs Guggershörnli» or «It’s a long way up to the Guggershorn». Actually it isn’t that far from Guggisberg to the Guggershörnli - but it is extremely steep. The hike to the 1283m summit takes a good hour. Allow equally as long to enjoy the panoramic views.

Also belonging to Guggisberg is Ottenleuebad, with its hotel/restaurant, group of holiday homes and a small skilift. Ottenleue is primarily one of the gateways to the Gantrisch cross-country ski region, with its scenic and very snow-sure pistes. Another small ski & cross-country ski area is found near the village of Riffenmatt.


  • Guggershorn (1283m) – the climb is richly rewarded with one of the most stunning panoramas in the Swiss Mittelland.
  • Vreneli ab em Guggisbärg – two-day hike along the banks of the Sense, through wetland forests and flower-filled meadows to Vreneli’s home, Guggisberg and the Guggershorn.
  • Gantrisch cross-country ski centre – spectacular views of the Gantrisch chain from a sunny yet snow-safe southern slope.

Top Events

  • Hirschmatt Celtic Festival – a Celtic thatched-roof roundhouse has been erected in the otherwise so traditional countryside surrounding Güggisberg. An annual Celtic Festival is celebrated with guests from all over Europe - a real success story (August).
  • Schafscheid Riffenmatt – before the hustle and bustle of the market really gets underway, the sheep summered on the alp are handed back to their owners (first Thursday in September).

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