Kien Valley

Bernese Oberland

Griesalp › Süd: Naturfreundehaus Gorneren - Gorneren - Chistihubel - Dündenalp - Blüemlisalp

Griesalp › Süd: Naturfreundehaus Gorneren - Gorneren - Chistihubel - Dündenalp - Blüemlisalp

Spiggengrund: Innerwengen - Jungfrau Region

Spiggengrund: Innerwengen - Jungfrau Region

Kiental: Ramslauenen

Kiental: Ramslauenen

The Kien Valley in the Bernese Oberland, a holiday resort with about 210 inhabitants, is a side valley of the Kandertal. The end of the valley is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Kien Valley is within the administrative district of Reichenbach.

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From the Kien Valley a new chairlift leads high up to Ramslauenen, where you will have a magnificent view of the Blüemlisalp, the Kien Valley and Lake Thun. The Kien Valley boasts Europe’s steepest PostAuto route, with a gradient of 28%. This spectacular ride, leading from the resort town of Kiental (Kien Valley) past the Tschingel Lake to Griesalp, is an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Griesalp in the Kien Valley, is the starting point of memorable mountain hikes and high altitude treks. About 250 kilometers of hiking trails take you through colorful flower-decked meadows, shady mountain forests, past rushing mountain streams and thunderous waterfalls. The Kien Valley’s theme trails, which extol the uniqueness of the flora and fauna as well as the legends and lore of the valley, are in great demand.


  • Kien Valley’s theme trails – give you a tangible experience of the landscape, describe flora and fauna and narrate legends and folktales.
  • Chairlift ascent from the Kien Valley to Ramslauenen – with an incomparable view of Blüemlisalp, the Kien Valley and Lake Thun.
  • Griesalp – Europe’s steepest PostAuto route; starting point of impressive pass, mountain and high altitude tours.

Top Events

  • Blümlisalp Marathon Kiental – from Reichebach i. K. up to Gorneren/Griesalp (May).
  • Ramslauenen Wrestling – traditional wrestling competition (July).
  • Alpine Cheese Festival in Gorneren – all about Bernese Alpine and Hobelkäse (Slicing) Cheese and other Alpine delicacies. Games, fun and popular entertainment (August).
  • Alpine Theater – Distinctive open-air performance on the Ramslauenen (August/September).

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